Do not sell my personal information

Third-Party Data Sharing

We use device IDs (like cookies, beacons, Ad IDs, and IP addresses). We may provide this data to other companies in order to improve our websites and apps, and your experience on our website and apps. That data may also be used to show our ads when you visit other companies’ sites and apps, or to allow other companies to show their ads on our sites and apps. This sharing of data may be defined as a sale under the California Consumer Privacy Act.

These device IDs aren’t what you might traditionally think of as personal information, like your name or phone number, and they don’t directly identify you. However, if you don’t want us to “sell” this information, you can use the “Do not sell” setting.

The setting will only apply to the site where you selected it. For example, if you change your preferences on the VailDaily.com, those settings will not automatically apply to any other þȾƷƵapp websites or apps.

If you clear your cookies for this website, you will need to update your preference for this setting again.

If you would like your preference to persist when we upgrade our sign-on provider, please complete the form below, so we can set your preference. You still need to opt-out with the toggle switch above.

Do not sell my personal information